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Beats that form a pulsating heart made of LIFE.

Pavart art gallery presents METROPOLIS.01 exhibition by Antonio La Rosa, curated by Velia Littera. Through his works, La Rosa imagines the lives of people inside the buildings and the skyscrapers of a metropolis.

Mainly on display sculptures made of iron, wood and reinforced concrete in addition to three colorful paintings that will build the scenography of the gallery to immerse oneself.

Antonio La Rosa models a rigid material making it sinuous and fluid, a material that undulates. Through his art, we find ourselves imagining so many stories and unwittingly, our mind flies from one window to another, from one building to another, from one roof to another. The observer becomes the protagonist of a virtual performance, he becomes a curious spy of the lives of others without judgment, and rather we would like to know their secrets, misfortunes and emotions.

A concrete tale of the abstract geometries of the slim world and the people who populate it. He reveals humanity through skyscrapers, symbol of the modern era, of ascent, of frenzy, made up of upper and underground floors, in a hypothesis in which shaped materials become the souls and the moods of its inhabitants who undermine the logical rigidity making them dancing palaces, soft, coloured like the existences that host matryoshkas dolls.

Some cities, made up of separate buildings make the same installation precarious, enough to just touch a building and make several of them fall down in a chain. As life, where all of a sudden certainties can fail. Yet nothing remains senseless and some of these towers start taking human form. You can imagine lovers whispering thoughts while others in eludable cages perhaps are ready to come out.

Other buildings are made of insulating materials, which, ironically, narrate the period of isolation we have experienced in this last crazy year. There is reinforced concrete to tell a fortress. The one that holds the key to the great castle that inhabits every heart.


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