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TUFFO 2.0 di Caltanino, immersing artist


Pavart contemporary art gallery presents the DIVE 2.0 art exhibition by Caltanino, immersing artist, curated by Velia Littera.

Each individual has his own life in hand and must decide of his freedom. Freedom can sometimes give anguish because it becomes a feeling of something unspecified, obscure, unexplainable. Therefore…. the fear of jumping.

Who has never faced an important choice? Breath is lacking and anxiety arrives. Insecurity seems to grip the psyche. It almost makes you want to leave things as they are, it's like being ready to dive, but you decide not to. The dive is actually the desire to choose, the desire to throw oneself into the unknown, the desire to be free!

The artist Caltanino (immersive artist) wants to emphasize, through his symbolic sign of the diver, the need to face one's life in full freedom without fear and without running away. The heart and the head help you to move forward. The euphoria of hope must absolutely overcome fear because fear leads nowhere; it does not make you take that plunge into life. If you dive, you start swimming and only if you swim you live and in this way, you choose independence.

Caltanino chooses TUFFO 2.0 as the title, where the IT expression 2.0 wants to be an invitation to go further, a step forward towards an existence that is so connected and global, but aware and sharing.

Only through an intelligent use of the web and its globalization, we will be able to make more consciousness and respectful choices towards all humanity. By choosing to be fair, we independently choose to live a shared life but ethically aimed to others and their habitat.

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